Arizona, the Grand Canyon or Copper State, is synonymous with desert landscapes and its mild winter climate is golfing heaven. There are few Golden Age designs here in Arizona, largely due to the fact that tough hybrid grasses had not yet appeared on the scene. However, some courses did appear in the early part of the 20th century and the oldest course in the southwest (1919) is still in play at the Phoenix Country Club.
Since the early 1960s, more than 300 golf courses have been laid out and the cities of Scottsdale and Phoenix are Arizona’s equivalents of Scotland’s St Andrews. Many courses are fashioned in a target golf style with narrow, ribbon-like fairways. Some golf courses are also eponymously named after the region’s various cacti, which flank many emerald fairways in this hot and arid US state. The best courses golf in Arizona are certainly Forest Highlands or Desert Highlands.

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Quintero Golf Club Closes in 55 minutes

Quintero Golf Club

Location: 16752 W, AZ-74, Peoria, AZ 85383Phone: +1 928-501-1500
Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf Club Closes in 2 hour 25 minutes

Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf Club

Location: Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf Club, Arizona 238, Maricopa, Arizona, USAWebsite: https://www.akchinsoutherndunes.comPhone: +1 480-367-8949
Mountain Brook Golf Club Closes in 2 hour 25 minutes

Mountain Brook Golf Club

$18 $80
Location: Mountain Brook Golf Club, South Mountainbrook Drive, Gold Canyon, Arizona, USAWebsite: +1 480-671-1000
Desert Highlands Golf Club Closes in 25 minutes

Desert Highlands Golf Club

Location: Desert Highlands Golf Club, East Happy Valley Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USAWebsite: https://www.deserthighlandsscottsdale.comPhone: +1 480-585-7444
Pine Canyon Club Closes in 2 hour 25 minutes

Pine Canyon Club

Location: Pine Canyon Club, South Links Road, Flagstaff, Arizona, USAWebsite: +1 928-779-5700
Forest Highlands Golf Club Closes in 2 hour 25 minutes

Forest Highlands Golf Club

Location: Forest Highlands Golf Club, William Palmer, Flagstaff, Arizona, USAWebsite: +1 928-525-5200
Seven Canyons Golf Club Open now

Seven Canyons Golf Club

Location: Seven Canyons Golf Club, Golf Club Way, Sedona, Arizona, USAWebsite: +1 928-203-2001
Estancia Club Open now

Estancia Club

Location: Estancia Club, North 99th Place, Scottsdale, Arizona, USAWebsite: +1 480-473-4400
Stone Canyon Club Open now

Stone Canyon Club

Location: Stone Canyon Club, Hohokam Village Place, Oro Valley, Arizona, USAWebsite: +1 520-219-1500