NeoGolf Golf Course,
is a 9 hole offers a new approach to accessible, entertaining, technical and economical golf for a regular, family and friendly game of golf.
This space entirely dedicated to golf is part of a green and quiet area but remaining urban.
Urban Golf, close to the work and the house, offering a fast food as proposed by Neogolf, meets the expectations of an increasingly dynamic public, looking for optimal practice of a sport combining saving time and money.
This new vision of golf makes you want to play and improve your skills.
Pros teach you golf on the compact 9-hole, on the FFG certified Pitch & Putt, on the Putting Greens and on the innovative “power tee” Practice.

The course is perfect to practice your pitch or iron 9. The longest hole is only 130m.

Practice Facilities

Practice (partly covered)
Putting Green
Golf Tuition

Golf Club Amenities

Junior discount


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