The official Neuvic golf course,
was built on land belonging to the Marquis of Ussel in 1982. This achievement was made possible by the participation of the town of Neuvic and especially thanks to the initiative of the High School Queuille Neuvic. Indeed, it proposed in 1982 training in the golf business.

Initially, the proposed Official Neuvic golf compact 9 holes, with a total distance of 1173 meters to discover golf and learn to practice. Subsequently Golf Neuvic Official has completed an approved 9 holes 2526 meters.

Currently, the official golf Neuvic has 150 licensees. It’s a hilly course and very technical in the view of golfers who appreciate quality and speed of its greens. It overlooks Lake Triouzoune, a 450-hectare area, and offers a remarkable view of the massive of Sancy, northeast and southeast Cantal.
Located halfway between Brive and Clermont-Ferrand, the nearby A89 motorway makes it particularly easy access.

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